INLAND #4: To Whom The Flesh / My Flesh/ Connects Me


In this publicication contemporary visual artists and poets responding to queer poetry's cannon, reinterpreting and bringing the bookmark to burning life. Focusing on queer desire To Whom The Flesh/ My Flesh/ Still Connects Me explores queer poetry's cannon through a series of new work from contemporary visual artists and poets. Queer poetry is expansive and diverse. Writers of all backgrounds and sexual identities have captured their varied experiences and feelings of love in the expressive medium of poetic verse. Walt Whitman used the natural symbolism of the calamus plant and its “phallic-shaped bloom” to celebrate homoeroticism in his work the Leaves of Grass. Audre Lorde vividly eroticised the female body in Love Poem with sensual descriptions such as: “honey flowed / from the split cup / impaled on a lance of tongues.”. This project seeks to connect a range of voices and perspectives that all coalesce to present a complex, nuanced, picture of the queer experience of love. To whom the flesh is an act of celebration and solidarity, bringing visual arts and poetry communities together.


To Whom The Flesh/ My Flesh/ Still Connects Me was mounted as an exhibition of riso prints and a performance event at The Poetry Society as part of Art Licks Weekend 2019. 


Participating Artists:Luca Asta, Isobel Atacus, L. Barron, Paul Coombs, Chloe Cooper, Penny Florence, Roxmann Gatt, Sam Hill, Paul Kindersley, Katherine Leedale, Laura Dee Milnes, Steph Morris, Jason Morris, Danino Holt, Joanne Newman, Leyli Salayeva, Ellen Witley. Text by Scott Lawrence MacFadyen



Image credit: Joanne Newman


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INLAND #3: Juggling Lilith's Crumbs


Lilith has many guises and incarnations. Her image and her reputation have been pulled apart, dissected, distorted and the crumbs have been scattered throughout cultural history. In Juggling Lilith’s Crumbs, artists Flora Bradwell and Sylwia Narbutt present six new works exploring the complex character of Lilith and notions of personal identity alongside text from Scott Lawrence Macfadyen. By playfully merging fantastical, everyday and archival imagery Bradwell and Narbutt present a contemporary reimagining of Lilith as an icon of power and resistance to patriarchal expectations of women.


Exhibited as large format posters as part of Deptford X Fringe Festival and APT Open Studios in 2019, Juggling Lilith's Crumbs was also produced as a small publication by Inland Project.




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INLAND #2: Neither


For it's second edition, Neither, INLAND explores ideas around gender. How is gender constructed? What is the impact of gender on identity? How can we challenge perceived gender norms through the creative process? INLAND#2 draws together a strong selection of artists taking on diverse approaches to this topical motif through painting, sculpture, photography and the written word. 

Participating artists include Andrea Tavolaro, Anne Cecile Surga, Boudicca Collins, Catherine Scutts, Chris Ilankovan,

Emily Morey, Flora Bradwell, Helen Tate, Hynek Martinec, Isobel Atacus, Lily Hudson, Lisa Willgress, Mars Gomes, 

Nathan David Smith, Paul Coombs, Sarah Jane Moon, Sexcentenary, Shirin Kavin, Siobhan Stanley and Sylwia Narbutt.

INLAND#2:Neither has been made possible through support from the Artists Studio Company Development Fund. ASC launched the fund in 2016 in order to help ASC resident artists and organisations realise projects that contribute towards artist development and community engagement.

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INLAND #1: Erasure


For our first edition we focus on the theme of Erasure and what it means in terms of identity. In their own way each contributor to INLAND #1 addresses ideas around erasure, be it the rediscovery of found objects, exposing snippets of hidden stories, or obscured notions of self in their practice. 

Participating artists include Marta Szulc, Helen Bermingham, Flora Bradwell, Ted Dave, Rhuar Dean, Pia Jaime, Sylwia Narbutt, Emma Passmore and Lucy Smallbone.


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