Open Call: To whom the flesh / My flesh / Still connects me




Inland Project invites contemporary visual artists and poets to respond to queer poetry's cannon in order to create new and exciting work for an exhibition at the Poetry Society taking place as part of Art Licks Weekend. We are looking for single or double colour visual designs or short poems that could be risograph printed on a 20.5x6.5cm bookmark. Selected participants will have their image or poem printed in large scale format for the exhibition as well as limited edition bookmarks and within a publication that will be launched as part of the exhibition.


Queer poetry is expansive and diverse. Writers of all backgrounds and sexual identities have captured their varied experiences and feelings of love in the expressive medium of poetic verse. Using all manner of literary devises and styles, writers have explored complex feelings of love and desire in visual ways. Walt Whitman used the natural symbolism of the calamus plant and its “phallic-shaped bloom” to celebrate homoeroticism in his work the Leaves of Grass. In his poem The Lunar Beauty, W.H. Auden described the uneasy feelings of queer love with ambiguous supernatural allegories. Audre Lorde vividly eroticised the female body in Love Poem with sensual descriptions such as: “honey flowed / from the split cup / impaled on a lance of tongues.” And Frank O’Hara created queer poems that portray frenetic fusions of ‘high art’ imagery interweaved with scenes of mundane life. In Having a Coke with You, O’Hara beautifully described the seemingly dramatic, yet wholly ordinary, feeling of being in love with declarations such as: “partly because of my love for you, partly because of your love for yoghurt.” These queer poets present a multitude of styles, experiences and perspectives showcasing the complex emotional terrain associated with love, lust and longing. Feel free to to download the pdf of queer poetry below, as an optional potential resource for inspiration for your work.

For visual submissions please send no more than three jpeg images (up to 500kb each) and for poetry and prose submissions please send no more than three word documents. Title your documents as follows: name_title_date, so that if you were Alice Smith submitting an untitled piece from 2019 your document would be called: alicesmith_untitled_2019. There is an admin fee of £5 per submission and you can submit up to three pieces per submission. To pay the £5 submission fee follow this link: or click the 'pay admin fee' button below. Please send submissions to, the subject of your email should be 'Open Call' and in the body of your email please include:

1. Short artist statement, which should reference how your work responds to the theme and a queer poem or poet that has inspired your work (max 100 words)
2. Short artist bio (100 words)
3. Visual artists please include, title, medium, dimensions and date of each piece. Writers please include title and date.
4. Paypal transaction reference number

By submitting your work you confirm that you you have all rights to the image and text and agree to have your submission included in To whom the flesh / My flesh / Still connects me. Shortlisted artist will be required to provide high quality images of their work in order to be published in the zine. Images must either be monochrome or have two separate colours that if selected can be submitted as separate pdf layer documents to be risograph printed.



Open Call Open: July 2019

Open Call Deadline: 23 August 2019

Submission results: September 2019

Show Runs: Monday 14 October – Saturday 9 November 2019

Publication Launch and Performances: Sunday 20 October 2019, 4-6pm

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Good luck!


Image by Joanne Newman, You had everything in your car when I first met you, digital image, 2019


Queer Love Poems
Links to inspirational queer poems exploring love, sex and desire.
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